The legend

The Legend of Maxim’s begins in May 1893. Irma de Montigny, an attractive courtesan, opens the door of a small bistro, located at 3 rue Royale. Just a few days earlier, Maxim’s was founded as a bistro by Maxime Gaillard, formerly a waiter. It becomes the place for ‘gallant’ rendez-vous of the Belle Époque. After more than 120 years of history, Maxim’s has become a real legendary world and is today one of the most famous french brand with its priceless heritage.

The Universe

The universe of Maxim’s perfectly represents the art of French Living with the world of luxury and fashion with Haute Couture collections, cosmetics and perfumes lines.Maxim’s restaurant is also the indispensable and privileged location for major international celebrities:Marcel Proust, La Belle Otéro, Maria Callas, Sacha Guitry, as well as Brigitte Bardot, Barbara Streisand, John Travolta, Dita Von Teese, Lady Gaga, and Kylie Minogue, etc.

Maxim’s I pour Homme Main Accords

Lemon   Grapefruit   Pineapple   Violet Leaf   Rose Absolute   Guaiacwood   Lavandin   Musk   Sandalwood   Oakmoss

Maxim’s II pour Homme Main Accords

Grapefruit   Angelica   Pink Pepper   Geranium   Coriander   Olibanum   Vetiver   Cedarwood   Patchouli

Maxims III pour Homme Main Accords

Nutmeg   Cypress   Raspberry   Violet   Olibanum   Saffron   Black Tea   Labdanum   Leather   Musk   Styrax   Cedarwood

Maxim’s I pour Femme Main Accords

Bergamot    Pink Pepper   Pear Blossom   Jasmine    Tuberose    Ylang Ylang   Patchouli    Amberxtreme    Musk

Maxim’s II pour Femme Main Accords

Pear   Pineapple   Cranberry   Orris   Orange Blossom   Muguet   Cocoa   Creamy Woods   Soft Musk

Maxim’s III pour Femme Main Accords

Nutmeg   Saffron   Lemon   Rose Absolute   Cypriol   Lychee   Vanilla   Vetiver   Patchouli   Amberxtreme